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Pernilla Gäverth, behavioral scientist and Mindfulness Instructor.





Pernilla Gäverth

I am a trained behavioral scientist (sociology, education, organization theory) and Mindfulness Instructor with many years experience working in stress management, team and leadership development, personal development / coaching, career counseling and rehabilitation.

My motivation is to see how people liberate themselves and discover more and more of their innate abilities and opportunities. Getting to be with people and encouraging them to "open up" to support, challenge and coach in this process gives me enormous inspiration and joy.



Conscious Enlightenment vision is to improve our customers' awareness of our human capacities and potential. We want to contribute to a good human society to live and work in.


By getting to know you and your organization's needs, we continually offer training courses, seminars, conferences, networking and consultative services to help you in both work and private life.


Conscious Enlightenment is a values-driven organization where our values permeate the way we work both in thought, word and deed. Our values are openness, kindness, professionalism, compassion, quality, honesty and joy.

Interventions as needed

Because every organization, company and individual is unique, we always adapt our efforts to the clients specific needs. Often part of our mission is to analyze and highlight the common values and to clarify and anchor them in person, organization, and the outside world.

We are working to create strong teams and help individuals develop their qualities and add what is missing. Through insight, training and reflection participants develop themselves and their personal leadership.